Sunday, October 2, 2011

Where is fall? Brrrrrrrr

Ok seriously 40 C with humid ex to now 4 C and rain? I'm confused where did our moderate temps go, ya know like 15C and sun? Oh right.... we are in Ontario so there is nothing moderate about the weather here. Note to self: move to more moderate climate.

I haven't been all that great at meal planning, we are opting for many meals out and unhealthy options lately. New job= later time home= immediate need for food + the need to enjoy whatever daylight we still have when its actually ah em moderate.

Sunday: Ham, Hash brown casserole and carrots (I needed comfort today can you tell?)
Monday: Beef Barley soup and buns
Tuesday: Deli sandwiches, veggie + dip
Wednesday: Leftover pulled pork, buns and coleslaw (5lbs of pulled pork = freezer portions)
Thursday: Chicken stir fry and rice
Friday: Ham + cheese ommelettes
Saturday: dinner with Nana (Frozen shepards pie I think)
Sunday: Thanksgiving and somehow I have to make a cheesecake and a veggie dish... Where is the extra time in a day?
Monday: Corned beef, cabbage and pototoes.