Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mama goes grocery shoppin'

It's always a fun event at our house... Ok I loathe grocery shopping. There is nothing I hate more then arriving to my favourite discount grocery store only to find out 3/4 of my sale list is out of stock. All in the name of saving a buck people! I'm trying to be frugal but it irritates me to no end when the chicken breasts a great deal of my 2 wk menu rotation depends on are out of stock (and the stock boy says 'come back Tuesday we should have more'). Dude I work. I work til 4:30 and then I pick up kids. Come back HERE on Tuesday with 2 kids? Mmmm no thanks 24hr Sobeys here I come.

Anyway my plan is to go to said favourite 'No bags and discounted prices' store tomorrow with my fingers crossed to pick up said items required for below menu plan! Feel free to borrow ideas, feel free to copy my plan in its entirety my only requests are: leave a comment to show me some love and track back if you use it in your own blog (oh and if you care to share new tips/ideas please do!).

I plan and shop according to a 2wk period. I also try to pick up at least 1 extra "meat" for a meal so that in case I don't feel like something on this menu at least there is a back up. We always have some soup on hand too!

Sunday: Chicken Stir fry with whole grain rice

Monday: We are off to Great Wolf lodge and packin our meals: Lunch- deli sandwiches, veg and dip, grapes and cantaloupe. That night we will likely venture off site for a meal at Pizza hut! (who can pass up a $35 family meal?).

Tuesday: Breakfast: Yogurt/bagels with cream cheese. Lunch: kolbasa, cheese, crackers w/ apples. Dinner: Tomato soup and tuna melts.

Wednesday: Club quesadillas with veggies and hummus

Thursday: Perogies and salad

Friday: Pulled pork on a kaiser with veggies and dip

Saturday: 20 Clove Chicken with roasted potatoes and roasted carrots

Sunday: Home made big mama feta burgers with salad (and probably chips- baked I hope)

Monday: Ham and Cheese calzones and steamed veggies

Tuesday: It's dance night so E-Z is important: baked beans + toast

Wednesday: spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread

Thursday: Sour cream chicken and baked potatoes with broccoli

Friday: Home made pizza w/ ham, mushrooms and pineapple on a whole grain crust

Now the biggest goal: purchase all items on the list for $200 or less. Challenge? yes'm it is. Especially seeing as food prices have gone up yet again and are only going to rise higher in the next few years. Oh but cost of living increases to our salaries? oh right... no.

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