Sunday, August 28, 2011

Revisiting the quick and easy meals

So much for being on top of the blog eh? Sorry. Life got a bit crazy. However I am quite convinced my readership is non-existent and the hits from Russia are crazy spies trying to steal my identity. Or not.

A few minor updates, I left my old job, took my new job which also happens to be an old job- ha.

Superkid is 4.5yrs old and starts school NEXT WEEK. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. All the way along I said I wouldn't be THAT parent who blubbers like a tart the days leading up til their first departure (and so far so good) but I am sure as sure can be that I will be THAT parent who follows the bus to school to ensure she gets off, I will be THAT parent who stops in for random visits and I am sure I will be THAT parent who sits on the parents council. Yep that's me! So now she has thrown a wrench into meal planning because now I have to feed her for lunches, 4yrs of prepared lunches through daycare has not prepared me for independent thought. Crap.

Tank or also known as "Mess" is 2.5 and talking. In fact he is never quiet. If he's not talking, he's screeching at you. He's growing fast that's for sure and lets hope he doesn't attend his first day of school in diapers because potty training is not going very well.

Meal planning has taken a backseat these past few months due to work stress, work change and just all around bored with food. So here goes.

Sunday: Souvlaki with Tzaziki and cucumber salad.

Monday: Quesidillas with salsa and sour cream.

Tuesday: Potato Soup with buns

Wednesday: Caesar wraps with veggies and dip

Thursday: French toast with bacon and fruit salad

Friday: Our favourite panzarotti order out day

Sat-Mon: We will be in our Nation's Capital City doing the tourist thing!!!!

Any tips on balanced day lunches for school that starts the following week? HELP!

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