Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mouth gives Mess a lesson in language

On a typical day a drive from our house to daycare is approx. 4 min. On that same typical day one of 2 things happen. Two children get buckled in and they chat quietly in their seats and we arrive happy. Or, on most days we are doing the dash and anxiety levels are high and it usually results in 1 or both kids having tantrums in the car because we have left X item inside.

Well... on this occasion we had left X item inside and Super errrrr pressed-for-time mom said we weren't going back in for it. Superkid (also known as Mouth) begins to have a screaming match (and if you didn't know cars are relatively sound proof when all doors and windows are shut).

Mess looks over to Mouth lovingly and says "Shut up" clear as day. The car goes quiet and I think well if that's all it takes to end a tantrum perhaps we should try this route more often, I mean. THAT IS NOT A NICE WORD. Mouth looks over at Tank and states "You can't say those words they are not nice, you can't say shut up, you can't say stupid and you can't say fuck it". *gasp... Yep there ya have it folks these are 3 simple rules of our house and if you adhere to them you will get along fine.

Thank you Mouth for your lessons in language.

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