Saturday, January 9, 2010

I am not NOT turning 31 today.

For scores and 31 years ago... a baby girl was born. Yup, that baby girl was me. 5lb 13oz of pure extroverted stubbornness. I think you would agree right mom? Right dad? Anyway... To celebrate such an occasion Superdad and I are going out on our first solo overnight in over 9 months. The Tank has not gone to bed without nursing, so we'll see how he fares. Nana is loaded with 2 different bottles and nipples, a sippy cup, breast milk in a bag and a few cans of ready to pour formula. She also has several pots of yogurt in case he needs something to keep him full. Please Tank please be a good boy so we can do this again ok sweetheart?

Superdad took a weeks vacation and I thought we would do fun stuff but really we used the time to get the house stuff accomplished. 2 new faucets, knobs, bookshelf and curtains later it feels a little more complete in the house. I had to point out to Superdad that we didn't even get upset with each other the entire vacation, its amazing how a little family time and having meal times at normal hours all together how it can get us back to US. We are praying 2010 means positive changes and new adventures for us.

I can honestly say I am dedicated to the 2010 goals. First up on the list of accomplishments was to get crafty. I think I am gettin it! What do you think? Kim if you are reading that frame is headed your way as a thank you for sending the Ergo sucking straps. Now to decide if I will take a sewing course or a photography course.

OH and how can I almost forget, over at MckMama Smallfry got a hair cut so it got me thinking... perhaps Superkid needed a new 'do'. Well here it is! Her ringlets were cut off and now she has a super cute 'bob' style, oh and her curls returned after last nights bath. She's one lucky kid to have such a versatile head of hair.


  1. Oh I missed it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
    How was the trip?? How did he do??
    I love the picture frame - pff, not crafty... such a liar. :)
    And holy grown up Maya! She looks adorable... My mom still has my curls from my first big haircut... :)

  2. Where'd you go?? I just gave you an award on my blog, so come back! :]