Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's a what?

A dog hat? Ok but why? cuz his incredibly small brain would get cold? The last I checked having a dog that small is not going to be saved by a crocheted hat in minus 40 below weather. Really... again, I have this thing when it comes to dogs wearing clothes. Sorry.

Anyway... I have decided that I am going to start a new tactic with Superkid and her tantrums. I have this Carlton emoticon on my MSN that makes me really laugh out loud for a ridiculous long time every time I see it. So being that Superkid is like my personality twin perhaps it will make her pee her pants laughing when she's screaming "I WANT MY SOODER" from the top of her lungs to see ME dance like none other then Carlton Banks. I think it would work- no?

Anyway, The Tank who is now 9months old *sniff has decided the land of immobility is for babies and has decided that speed crawling over night is the cool thing to do. He hauls around where ever he is at light speed and pulls up on things and yanks on stuff he's not supposed to touch ie: laptop cord, otherwise known as mommy's umbilicus. He's ruthless. He's cut a tooth, he no longer is content with just being. He is allllllll about discovery, no more lazy days we are on baby proof duty. So we can now check off a few more things on his developmental task sheet, he just started out slow, now he's taking off.

Happy New Year and all that jazz. We rang it in here at home. I must say it was fantastic to not have to travel anywhere. Hugs to those we didn't get to see as usually we ring it in with the Brampton crew (xoxo we missed you), but we were able to have our neighbours over and another couple friend of ours. It was great, drinks, panzarottis and sleeping babies. Two kids who hung out watching DVD's all night. Who could ask for anymore then just that?

Superdad is on vacation so we are knocking down the 'honey do' list I hope, and a trip to Ikea for some room revival for The Tank's unfinished, mediocre room. Poor kid really got the shaft, first no newspaper announcement, then no brag book for Grandparents (again I'm sorry), and now a room full of un-matched, handmedown items. He's a guy though, so I really hope there is no resentment in the future. Guys don't hold grudges do they? Really- does he look like he's packin' a grudge? Ok... maybe... a little.


  1. Ahhh!! I am in love with that pic of Nolan!!! You seriously have some gorgeous kids.

  2. Why thank ya Brandee as do you :)

  3. HAHAHAHAHA I forgot about the stupid dog hat...oh my!