Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Here comes Twenty-Ten

I remember being a kid and thinking what the world would be like in 2010. Twenty-Ten... that just sounds cool. I imagined hovercraft cars, air highways, virtual reality cooking. I hate science fiction but I had a great imagination for a kid. I thought anyway.

So, what will 2010 bring for us? A continuation of raising two amazing children, a return to the working world, home renos, and learning to love the life we have. Resolutions you ask? I don't make them. But this year, I have compiled a list of things I aim for.

1. Love my husband despite his quarks, faults, snoring and smells. So often we get caught up in the things that we 'hate' about each other. I don't mean like hate as in divorce hate. I mean like hate as in O-M-G if you do that one more time I may erupt the She-demon.

2. Love myself. This is always a work in progress. I am always looking over the fence and seeing things I'd love to do/have/see. I'm the first person to jump at comparisons between us and them. I think Twenty-Ten is going to teach me to look at myself inside and out and say I am an amazing person and that will in turn only bring wondrous moments for the Superfam.

3. Love my children. I always do, but I'll love them MORE. Is that possible? I hope so cuz I am going to do it. LOOK OUT children you will be loved more then you can ever imagine. I'll take that moment as I'm trying to brush my teeth to repair Cinderella's crown, or when the Tank cries I'll pick him up and cuddle him for 20 seconds longer. So many people say "you must train them to do this". Sure... but training can wait, LOVE always comes first. Hugs, kisses, cuddles and joy that is going to make the difference in my children's lives, not teaching them to self soothe by crying it out, or getting angry when Superkid refuses to go to bed.

4. I will be C-R-A-F-T-Y. Yep, there I said it. You know the seen in The Birdcage where the guy says I have always wanted to be a Dancer? Well change that to me standing in my crafty kitchen proclaiming Twenty-ten to be the year that I SUPERMOM learn to be crafty. I have a few projects thanks to other bloggin mama's like Mckmama and this girl AND Bakerella. Not to mention I WILL enroll in an 8 week photography course no matter how basic it may be, it will always increase my skills, and I might even take a sewing course *gasp.

5. I will be grateful. I will be grateful for what we have. I don't think this one needs s'plainin' eh?

6. I will eat healthier and exercise more. Kinda goes hand in hand with loving myself but it needs its own number don't you think?

7. WE will start saving for a big family vacation. Destination unknown but sometime in the next 2yrs we would like to go somewhere interesting, fun and family friendly. Suggestions are always welcome. Unless you say Disney and well... That is for Year 8 and Year 10 respectively for our kidlets.

8. We will take time. Take time to enjoy everything there is to enjoy about life. Twenty-Ten will be a year of greatness, however, as any year there is always the chance of tradgedy, chaos, sadness. So... to prepare for anything, we will take time to love the ones around us, enjoy every second. When Superkid or Tank smile, we will stop, snap that moment with our brain cameras, store the memory and appreciate. Don't you wish YOU too had a camera in your eyes? For those moments you just don't have time to grab the camera to remember? We had one of those moments last night. Superkid and I were lazing on our bed, Tank was also with us. Superkid thought it would be a great time to burst out into song to teach Tank about the joys of singing. We had a schoolgirl giggle fest, wiggled our tushes and when Superdad got home he must have thought we were headed straight for the Looneybin. But we appreciate these moments.


  1. What a great post... you've got me feeling motivated for 2010! And I say your family destination should be Pennsylvania... :)

  2. Lets do a meet up in Erie Brandee!!!

  3. You have wonderful goals for the year and we could all take a lesson from that..

  4. Have to ask- Miracle mom???? I don't recognize your name so I dunno who ya are!! :)

  5. GREAT goals! I like how you said you don't like to make resolutions but you "aim" to achieve these things - some things take longer and that is life!