Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tummy Rumblings and other things

So between copious amounts of laundry and cuddling two sick kids who have decided that displaying the contents of their stomach is a great add to our weekly routine and putting in my 33.75hrs at work I managed to squeeze out a meal plan for the week!

Superdad and I both recognized about a month ago that we were throwing money away by grocery shopping AND picking up take out and from package to table meals. So it was my goal to cut the budget by half and create a kid friendly, healthy and easily prepared meal plan. Off I set during a *ahem quiet day (not, not at work) with a blank calendar and the interwebs. So often our family gets into a rut where we eat the same familiar things and we all complain about the not so favourite meals.

I planned for two months in advance and every two weeks I would sit down with my menu and create our grocery list in and itemized manner and set out with my enviro-unfriendly plastic shopping bags from the months before where I spent .05 cents per gag in my non-frugal haste (I readily enjoy going to a store with a competitors bag and get in line in front of the crunchy-granola-mom-with-her-organic-spun-in-her-own-home-cotton-dyed-with-organic-carrot-juice-sewn-by-her-love-grocery-bags I feel the burn of her scowl in the back of my head- sorry if you are reading, I do try to be that mom but its a standard I'm not sure I can live up to) Anywho our little system appears to be working and I'm amazed how two weeks worth of meals can last as long as they do! Leftovers for lunch saves both Superdad and I a boatload too by not having to buy lunches out!

This week's plan goes as follows:

Sunday- Roasted free range chicken, mashed potatoes (reserve leftovers), broccoli and Mmmmm Apple Crisp.

Monday- Shepards pie (utilizing lefotver mashed and gravy).

Tuesday- Chicken Divan (utilizing leftover broccoli and chicken)

Wednesday- Tomato soup and Tuna melts

Thursday- Homemade Mac and Cheese and salad

Friday- Perogies w/ bacon & onions and corn

Saturday- Home made pizza with salad

Sunday- Lasagna

Off to start Superkid and Tank's lunch! Feel free to link to your meal plans and tips!

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