Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New look!


I have been sooooooo neglectful. It seems as though life has been in a time warp and we've been on auto pilot.

Fast update:
Superkid is almost 4
Tank is nearly 20months
It is our 3rd Wedding Annivesary- yeah. Your math is right.
I am working and things are C-R-A-Z-Y

I often think about blogging and wonder do I have the time, can I make the time and even more so I often think about things to write and then I forget.

Superkid took it upon herself to throw up in her sleeve when I was dropping her off at daycare today so here we are huddled up on this cold blech day watching TV and having some mom and Superkid time. Tank and I had the opportunity to stay home on Monday together from this same stomach content producing virus so here we relax. Sometimes kind of nice to just enjoy a down day!

Updated pictures are to your right! More to come later.

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