Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What I have learned

In three years of marriage.

... there is no such thing as perfection. Heck there isn't even such thing as a mid point. Every day is a work in progress. Learning to forget expectations and moving past the belief that if you do something for 21 days it is supposed to create a habit are keys to success. Clearly 21 days of beating the proverbial dead horse on how to clean the spitties off my sink does nothing for habits.

... it doesn't matter if you are wearing circa 2005 granny panties, or the black lacy skivvies its all sexy to your hubby with 2 small children who suck every ounce of energy out of you on a daily basis, even if you have only spent a grand total of 4.5 waking hours with them.

... both members of a partnership stink when they fart. Yep- its true. You don't enter a relationship with non smelling gas you just hide it well.

... toilet paper over or under is the least of your worries. Pick battles and move on, quite honestly we could all take a little lesson to 'not sweat the small stuff'.

... no matter how annoying it sounds always say I love you. Everyone needs to hear it- daily, hourly, whenever you feel the need to say it, say it.

... communication is not something you come by naturally. Sure it's easy to have a small talk convo with your neighbour Bob, but to actually have it make any meaning to one another you need to hone in those skills by practicing daily. So many things get in the way of daily lives (ie: computer time) we rarely spend time in plain human conversation so then we again (refer to #1) expect our partners to just get it and then throw a 3 year old hissy when they don't get it... Counterproductive to learning how to understand I do believe.

... you need 2 TV's. Well you don't, but when you have a hubby that is addicted to video games and shows that you don't appreciate why argue settle it with an even bigger and nicer TV. Ok or even a 19" screen will do, heck I'd even settle for a TV with cable at this point. Hence so many blog posts in 1 24hr period.

... wear ear plugs those little orange foamy chunks of wonder are a life saver in this house. "go get help for your snoring" just ain't gonna happen. I have since learned to just ram one of those ear plugs in, roll over and pray I hear the bad guy coming in to steal my worldly goods.

Yep those are my lessons thus far, there are so many more I'm sure and here's to the up and coming years where we muddle through marriage learning how not to kill each other on the way.

Happy Anniversary babe- I truly hope your smile is as big as it was on our wedding day in the years to come.



    I would add: separate bed sheets = marriage saver. Especially when your husband sweats so much you can literally wring out the sheets in the morning. Thank God for the sanitize option on my washer!