Thursday, January 6, 2011

If I could have Ferber and Karp in the same room....

How can one get angry at this face? Really.

But oh BOY has he been testing the patience of mine lately. We went from sleeping through the night to up several times a night. I'm sorry what? Dude you are 22months old this mama's body has adjusted to the long stretches of sleep so what gives?

I frantically surf the web every night looking for answers. Answers to why oh WHY is my precious little Tank causing so much disturbance to my REM sleep. Tag lines like: Sleep regression or sleep problems in toddlers or HELP-I-want-to-jump-off-the-nearest-bridge-my-child-won't-sleep run through my search engines like the NASDAQ on trade day. Every perfect parent has ideas and solutions to the frantic and sleep deprived parent questions. Cry it out, pick them up, hug them, feed them, give them a bit of bourbon, throw their crib in the garage. You know... all those ideas that have worked for those really great parents.

Anywho so the night I saw the clock from 2:30am-4:00am I enlisted in the Supermom tactics of a lackluster parent. I mixed Ferber with Karp (*gasp) and threw in a little bootcamp Mama. It was not the shining moment in my career as a mom. As I threw back the covers, said some choice words each time I had to go into the Tanks room. I raised my voice out of frustration and I hugged him when I felt bad. That night I realized that those books are garbage really good sources of information in which I can say DUDE you don't have a child like mine do you?

Anyhow- he's cute, he's funny and most of all he makes my heart smile every time I hear that little Tank of mine say "Piggle" or "I-want-that".

From this

to this

Now really- could you get mad at that? His chubby little face just screams trouble! I will say it again. Its a damn good thing he's cute!


  1. I hear ya! Every once and awhile Paul will go through a waking-up-in-the-night phase and boy are those phases BRUTAL! And it is always like clockwork.
    Bed at 7:30.
    Up at 10:30.
    Back to sleep at 11.
    Up at 12:30.
    Tired mom who has to be up early for work let's him sleep in our bed.
    Finally goes to sleep for the night at 1.

    If I let him sleep in our bed at all he wants it EVERY night. It's hard to say no, not so much for him, but for me! I'm always "too tired" to just let it go. Eventually I put my foot down and rejoice when he finally sleeps all night!

    But goodness, I HATE those wake-up spells!

  2. I recently posted over at my blog about my 16 month old's change in sleeping habits. My issue isn't that he wakes up in the middle of the night but that all of a sudden he stopped sleeping in his own bed & room all together. It's frustrating but like you, I find it hard to be mad at my son... he's just so darn cute (a mother's opinion).