Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Verdict is in....

On a few things actually I might add.

1. I am returning the lens. Yep I have decided to go with less zoom. I will be trading it for this and callin' it a day. Despite my 'financial responsibility' plan, I did recieve over 50% of the money as gifts for my festivus. So I can rationalize it. Then I sold my 18-55mm (well hopefully did as Superdad is makin' the deal tonight off kijij) and pocketed...errrr... hope to pocket $100 which will put the money towards the new lens. So... really its like I didn't even buy it!

2. I went to the Ear Nose and Throat specialist for myself and well the Doc essentially said GIRL where have you been all my life in the most non-romantic tone ever. He alluded to my tonsils looking a tad like the male anatomy and suggested that (but ultimately its still my call) I take the elective tonsillectomy surgery ASAP. Oh god. Did you know that I have an irrational fear of dying and this doesn't help in the least bit? I looked at the doc and the room was a smidge swirly... I attribute that to my lab coat fear blood pressure and gulped uhhhhh ok. So there you have it. Sometime in Winter/Spring 2011 I will be Supermom - 2 superhuge, cryptic and cavernous chronically infected tonsils. In my mind this elective, voluntary surgery would equate to what at least a 10lb weight loss so it may be win-win!

3. I am sitting at my house awaiting the cable guy. Lets just hope its not Jim Carrey who shows up. This little breaky away from worky has afforded me the opportunity to update you, the opportunity to throw a little diddy into the crock pot and to enjoy a Starbucks coffee in peace! Yeah- be jealous.

Did I mention I have had 3 nights in a row of uninterrupted sleep? Did I Did I Did I?

Oh and did I also mention that Tiny dancer super kid had her 2nd ever dance class and she was a hit? Yeah. Did I also mention that I am NOT your typical dance mom? And that in a weeks time I will be live via Blackberry messanger? Life is good. Smashing one may say!

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