Saturday, January 1, 2011

I'll have 2 Venti Peppermint Mocha's please.

That will be $11.13- what? Shut up. When did 2 coffee's equal the same amount as 2 McDeal's at McD's? Oh right, when we started paying attention to our budget and drinking $0.00 home brew (which has slightly increased to approx 0.64 cents per cup of java due to my new baby Breville Keurig).

So this year is all about the budget. 2011 will be the year that we get smart. Both Superdad and I have been quite blind to spending for the past 4yrs and its caught up finally, not in the way you scream OMG we are going to lose everything though so relax mom. This year will be about making responsible decisions and not just getting what we want because we want it. 2011 will be about actually creating savings, sticking to a plan and moving towards goals.

We already made a good choice by cancelling our trip to Florida. Superfam was going to drive the 2000 miles to visit Grandpa in Orlando and maybe do a few days at Magic Kingdom. It definitely sucked having to make that decision to not go but in the end it would be more financially responsible. Our thoughts were if we are going to do Disney in 2013 then why do a 'budget' trip now?

Remember last year when I was all about the 'craft' and the lovey crap? Well its time to get my head out of the clouds and make some realistic financial goals that we hope to achieve by 2012. The Superfam wants to go on a real vacation. One where we pack a few suitcases, get on a plane and stay in a hotel. We could drive but it would be at least a 21hr drive. That's right we want to do DISNEY. Between now and the end of 2012 we plan on saving enough money to pay for a trip to Disney in cash. We also plan to have paid off existing debts save for mortgage and start working on the things we would like to complete in our home.

First thing first:
1. Vacation for the family (it will be our first ever trip too!)
2. Replace carpet in our upper bedrooms because by the time we can do this without borrowed money kids will be over that stoop and poop syndrome called Potty learning.
3. Renovate our sad counter space-less kitchen and replace the appliances
4. Backyard overhaul (whereby we may actually consider an on ground/above ground pool)- these are goals remember not set in stone.

So now its about putting a plan into action. Time to set our appointment with our bank to start our fresh new ideas and get what we want!


  1. I totally hear you on this! We were just talking about our budgeting on our way home from Ottawa tonight! It's really, really hard but something has got to change! We have been careless, and we're not desperate, but if we don't change we will be! I you stick to your plans, I'll stick to mine! ;)

  2. From someone who has more debt than Quacker has oats, I admire your new commitment to be frugal, and to make plans.
    I think I need to take a page from your book. So smart.

  3. Sandra I have never heard that metaphor before I may have to start using it! Have you ever watched any of Gail O's Debt do us Part shows before? She lives on a cash budget and I must say anyone who has ever followed it has climbed out faster then anyone who has tried to go it alone. I call it the Weight watchers of budgets! Here's a link to her website: Good Luck- make small goals! Ours is a measly trip to Disney World once the kids are 6 (or 7) and 4 (or 5) respectively!

  4. I just popped over from your comment on my comment at MckMamas. I really enjoyed this post. Is that strange to enjoy a budgeting post? Maybe I was influenced by the mention of peppermint mochas and then your beautiful coffee maker. Mmmmmm, coffee.
    Anyway, stoop and poop gave me a chuckle.
    Good luck with the planning. We should really make a real plan instead of just the pie in the sky ones we have now.