Sunday, January 9, 2011

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The Not-So-Secret Confessions of a First Time Mom

Its ma birthday.
January 9th.

I was a very happy mama today, woken up by the sweet sounds of little feeties thwapping into my room to tell me that she had found a present for her and that daddy had gone out for coffee. Huh? My brain was still foggy.

Daddy had gone to get me- the birthday girl a lovely Starbucks treat and sure enough Superkid felt that because it had pink icing and white sprinkles that cupcake was destined to be a shared venture. She got her wish as she always does.

Superdad let me have a day-o-rest. He cleaned up from last nights dinner party, he completed copious amounts of laundry and the folding that comes with! Thank you Superdad that is much more loved then a wrapped box with a gift. But. I do like a good gift.

So with all ma birthday monies I went to Henry's and interviewed a great many lenses and walked out of the store with THIS and now I have an extreme case of buyers remorse. Who can spend that much money on such frivolous objects (especially considering this *sigh).

So tonight over dinner we dined and discussed over mouthwatering ribs and cheesecake. I Supermom agreed to sleep on it (though not literally because ouch... that wouldn't be comfy) and in the morning I will decide if its much too silly for me to keep. I love the speed, I love the colour and crispness of the lens but I despise the weight and gauge of my own personal money I had to put toward it. Perhaps a new outfit would be more frugal and I could keep using the 50mm and 18-55mm lenses I already have.

I will sleep on it.


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  3. Oh man, I always have buyer's remorse after a big purchase... doesn't make shopping very fun! I think you need to share some pics taken with the lens so I can talk you into keeping it. :)
    Happy birthday again!!

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    ooooh what a fabulous lens! i'm jealous but i agree, so much money!!


  5. Looks like a good purchase to me!! :) Did you decide to keep it??

  6. Happy Birthday .. stopping in form the blog hop

  7. Happy (belated!) Birthday Deanna!! I love your blog - the photos are fabulous. Will come back again soon :)