Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Welcome back! The defunct Tao of James has not recieved an update in quite some time. Well. I've been busy. I swear!

Superkid is now approaching 3. O-M-G if anyone had told me. No wait- warned me that this is probably the funniest and yet most annoyingly challenging age I'd never believed it. Until today. I once house broke a puppy and raised a newborn at the same time practically alone (as superdad's work schedule is less then desirable to a family with young'ins). Not even THAT can compare to a few hours in the same house as Superkid. We move from laughing to screaming in about 0.0000002 seconds here I think her moods are far more unstable then a 49yr old woman experiencing menopause. Repeat my mantra daily- 'I love my children, I love my children' as it is necessary to get through a day around here.

SuperbabyII a.k.a The Tank arrived in March, he turned our world upside down more so then his moody counterpart. After 5 long days in the hospital our family of 3 became a family of four in cramped quarters. A few days after he arrived home I proclaimed it was time to move. Five months of room sharing (and not with Superkid I might add, he was alllllllllllllllllllllllll ours) was enough motivation to get packed and move to our current house. The added square footage and room to roam has been a blessing. However- I forgot I would have to clean and organize a larger space. We are definitely not done that yet.

25months 8 days of spacing between births. Again... WHERE WAS MY WARNING? No one said 'yo crazy', and if they did they sure didn't speak loud enough. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't (and couldn't) change it for anything but WOW... I don't have anything on those Duggar folks. Two is our limit, in fact I think one could have been the stable limit but ha- stable? Is there such thing. We rocked the cart and well the dysfunctionals are in da houuuuuuuuuuse.

Oh and because we recognize our limits after bringing The Tank home, we gave Phoenix to a great young couple who could give him everything he was craving- attention, walks, love, companionship. He was so sad with us, and I was so sad that he was so sad. I was also sad that we had to do what we did but it was the best decision for him and that takes a big person to admit that. We didn't give up on him but we were busy and perhaps I should have (and next time I will) listen to my mother when we said 'hey we are getting a dog'. So the James' family albeit complete technically shrunk by 1 in June of 2009. We hope he is truly happy with Lisa and Paul and their Superpug.

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