Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ramblings from the backseat

Superkid... ohhhhh superkid. It was one of those daycare mornings where I silently jumped with glee as I drove out of the daycare parking lot. Rainy icky day + Super kid just equate to a giant disaster of a parenting day. So I happily walked her to her class, leaned down for a kiss and said good bye. She ran in with excitement, latched onto her BFF and started her day.

I'm a great mom on daycare days. I'm an even better mom when I'm back to work fulltime. No joke I'm serious. I was never the girl who dreamed of cooking at the stove in heels and happily slugging a newborn over one shoulder while making home made play dough with my free hand. Nope. not I. I am the mom who takes quality time over quantity. Perhaps if Superkid had a more easy going temperament maybe then I'd be more willing to be June Cleaver but I hardly doubt that.

I think it all goes back to the fact that if I want something done I'll get someone else to do it. Lazy? no. Resourceful? yes. So anyway the point of this post. Ornary superkid wakes up and refuses to pretty much do anything I ask her to do, so there was a reward on this blustery morning if she could eat her yogurt, take her vits and drink her juice. A token economy if you will... *gasp. Yes I paid my daughter with a Hershey's kiss to eat her damn breakfast. There. I said it. I DID. You wanna know the funny part? 30sec into throwing that delicious treat into her mouth she said "Ewwww mommy this is yucky and it smells funny" (my sensory kid is really affected by smells these days, including nasty mommy breath after a cuppa). Anyway she spit it out, threw on her shoes and coat and she was off for the day. So I guess her home made Advent calendar with Hershey treats is allllllllllllll mine, errr ok fine I'll replace the treats with something she likes (maybe).

Car ride to school is no different then the usual car ride- stop here, go now, this way, no that way. However, today she decided that I was to stop for "Ariel" the shrunken Mermaid who apparently was in the grass. At a red light my loving nearly 3yr old scooped up her "Ariel" (from her car seat I might add) and proceeded to give her some trouble. "I said come here, 1...2....3.... ok Time OUT I said". She's always disciplining her imaginary beings... Maybe I should lighten up- or go back to work *snicker.

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