Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Supermom Crafts again

Ok I get the desire about once a year to craft. Yes craft. I am the most UNMartha Stewart like person I know. So many of my in real life friends and online community are the hobby crafters extraordinaire's. Where as me? I just pay someone to do the work I could learn to do. Well that goes for most of my life actually. I'd rather pay someone to do the things I just plain suck at.

But today, is like no other normal day in Supermom's life. Superkid says "I wanna be a dancer, like Belle", so Supermom produces. I'm not sure how life will be when Superkid says "Mom I want a car just like Belle (or any other child friend of hers)" because well, I'm not quite sure I'll be producing a car of any sort for my future teenage child. EVER.

So a dance she shall be, this mama made a Tutu. I searched online craft DIY thingymado's and came up with a rendition of a few different 'plans'. Me thinks it turned out A-O-K.

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