Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas whaaaa?

Ok when its +2 C out how do you expect me to get into the Christmas spirit? Impossible. I had to chuckle I took Superkid to see Disney's newest Princess and the Frog. Prior to the movie starting there is a little 'Holiday wishes' segment as part of the Cineplex preshow. One of the questions was "What is your favourite holiday movie?" The answers were all Christmas related. Not one person was allowed to wish anyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS it was all Happy Holidays yet their favourite movies surrounded Christmas.... Hmmmmm... MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE, I refuse to subscribe to the PC line of "Happy Holidays" to anyone. Pffft on that.

Superkid managed to sit through most of her first big screen experience and the Tank survived a nap without having the mama around to help him get to sleep. YAY. So it is possible to have him fall asleep sans breast. Hip hip horray. Next challenge- bedtime without mama... I will make it to the Holiday party. My 31st birthday will not be ruined by a) an Enterprise 'Holiday' party or b) a 9month old dictator. Nope nope it wont. Last year my 30th was not as fun as it could be due to the preggo factor but also due to the snow factor. So this year I am going to MAKE it to the Holiday party and have some festive cheer ;)

Was goofing around with our camera the other night, a friend of mine taught me the 'bokah effect' and here is my attempt at getting it on camera.

Oh and speaking of Christmas... Superkid and Tank hopped on santa's knee the other day... It was fun for Superkid not so fun for Tank...

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