Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Ok so if you read, please click on the 'comments' linky at the bottom right corner of each post and leave the Superfam a message. I just like to know who's surfin' around learning new things about the Superfam. If you have problems leaving comments let me know and I can give you a tutorial :P

2 more sleeps 2 MORE SLEEPS DID I SAY TWO MORE SLEEPS? Because... you know... if you didn't already know SANTA ARRIVES IN TWO MORE SLEEPS. We have one supercited nearly 3yr old. She was convinced last night that Santa (who appeared at Superdad's area Christmas get together) was meeting us in the truck to come home with us. She was so shocked to open a gift from Santa that she has been wishing for months (Princess Ariel baby doll.....)This year is a big year for her. The moment she realizes that the Santa spirit is alive. We can hardly wait.

I know that there will be a few hours of lost sleep on Christmas Eve. Both Superdad and myself require tranquilizers to sleep on this night... Add a very excited preschooler to the mix and lordy lord we could have ourselves a festive anxiety party at 3am.


  1. Here is where the comments go :P

  2. I'm commenting!
    I always read the latest on my blogroll, but hardly ever remember to comment... I'll work on that. :)

  3. You always have the cutest photos :). SO SORRY about a) missing you at the mall the other day (I was there but I couldn't find you!!) and b) continually forgetting to call you about it!! I know I know, worst friend ever. Can we try again sometime in the new year? When are you free etc etc?


  4. oh, and I meant to also add, go to and put in an invisible counter - then you can be really stalkerish, complete with knowing our IP addresses ;)

  5. Oh ROZ you are the smrtest. And no worries on the mall thing or the call back thing I get busyness. Yes we are free in the new year to get together so lets book a day, perhaps to spend some hard earned gift cards? errr I mean... to peruse.