Monday, December 7, 2009

I saw a snow flurry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok I hate winter. In fact I hate everything to do with winter ESPECIALLY when you have 2 children to bundle up, get safely into car seats and slush on the back of my car seats. Yup- I am not a winter lover. I am a lover of all things easy, so spring and fall are my favs, no messy boots, no thick coats and no prolonged departures because your nearly 3yr old decides that mittens are for losers, and your 8mnth old refuses to keep a hat on his head.

BUT... Christmas cannot come unless there is snow. Its not spirity if there is no White Christmas. So today I did a little snow dance and Brantford produced a snow flurry. Perhaps if we all danced around our living rooms with our kids we will have a snow storm, but if you can make sure you don't do this dance until Dec 23rd that would be great. Thanks.

I asked Superkid what Santa was bringing her for Christmas and she is adamant that the jolly fat guy is going to put a 'pwincess com-puuuu-tor' under the tree and a 'pwincess tower'. She even informed me that Santa would bring Nolan 'a big truck, toys and a cracker'. Cracker? really? interesting. I guess I should bundle the 2 up and take them for their first Santa visit ever. Yup I have a nearly 3 yr old who's never been to see Santa. Something about a kid sitting on a strangers lap that gives me the heebees.

Anyway the festive season is upon us and its time to get in the spirit of giving. Time to pack up the toys we don't play with and donate them to someone who could use them that is my project this afternoon!!!

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