Thursday, December 3, 2009


That is me wrestling the other girl running for my 'Mom of the year' award. Remember when I said I am a much better mom on daycare days? Well, I think that could be said for Tank too... Perhaps daycare would wipe him better, or maybe even notice the bright red horrible skin fold rash that developed I swear in less then 24hrs. Just call me neglecto-mom...

See... and I don't mean to blame it on anyone else but damn that kid is always just too happy to be breathing that we'd never know that anything is actually wrong. EVER. Every morning he greets me with the same amazed look on his face; the look of GAD ZOOKS I made it through another night? Then he smiles and flails his arms in excitement (probably much like a kid jumping up and down when they see Supermom pulling out the ice cream for breakfast). God I love that kid.

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